Verification Report Guidance Document

Effective August 1, 2008
First Revision December 1, 2013
Second Revision June 1, 2017

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse, Remediation Division (DEEP) has revised the Verification Report Guidance Document, originally developed on August 1, 2008 with support from the Environmental Professionals' Organization of Connecticut (EPOC), to outline DEEP's expectations for a Verification Report.

Pursuant to sections 22a-133x and 22a-134a of the Connecticut General Statutes, verifications rendered by a licensed environmental professional (LEP) shall be submitted on a form prescribed by the Commissioner. The Commissioner is prescribing the verification forms and the Verification Report as such form.

The purpose of a Verification Report is to present the necessary documentation to support a verification rendered by a LEP and submitted by the certifying party, responsible party, or property owner, as applicable. The Verification Report is used by DEEP to assess the applicability and adequacy of the verification; therefore, the submission of a verification without the support of a complete and thorough Verification Report will result in either a Notice of Audit or a rejection of the verification.

This guidance presents the key components prescribed by the Commissioner to be included in a Verification Report, as follows:

  • an introduction for the report;
  • the LEP's Final Conceptual Site Model (CSM) with sufficient detail of relevant findings and rationale to support the CSM and the LEP's verification that the investigation was completed in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines, including the Site Characterization Guidance Document;
  • discussion of receptor surveys; and
  • description of all means and methods used to demonstrate compliance in accordance with the RSRs, as indicated on the verification form.

Verification Report Guidance Document (Rev.6.1.17)

Any questions regarding the Verification Report Guidance Document may be directed to the Remediation Division at (860) 424-3705.

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