Water Supply Well Receptor Survey Guidance Document

(effective September 2009 and revised January 2015)

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has developed guidance on water supply well receptor surveys, with support from the Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut. Persons who are required to investigate and remediate polluted or potentially polluted sites must consider the need to conduct a detailed water supply well receptor survey in order to assess whether an on-site groundwater pollution plume may, or can be reasonably expected to, adversely affect public or private water supply wells on and off-site. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to Certifying Parties, responsible parties, property owners, and/or environmental professionals about the circumstances under which such a receptor survey is warranted, where such a survey is necessary, and how to conduct such a survey.

Water Supply Well Receptor Survey Guidance Document 

Note: The February 2015 revision of this guidance included a revision to the receptor survey radius calculation equation located in Section 3.0.  The equation can be used to determine the appropriate radius for which the presence of a private or a public supply well needs to be identified and potentially tested for constituents of concern.  Other changes are minor and include typographic corrections and substituting “DEP” with “DEEP”.

Content Last Updated June 29, 2017.