Connecticut Brownfields Inventory

River Mill, Thompson
Connecticut defines Brownfields in Section 32-760 of the Connecticut General Statutes as “any abandoned or underutilized site where redevelopment, reuse or expansion has not occurred due to the presence or potential presence of pollution in the buildings, soil or groundwater that requires investigation or remediation before or in conjunction with the restoration, redevelopment, reuse and expansion of the property.”

DEEP Brownfields List
The CT DEEP Brownfields Inventory was updated on June 11, 2024.  The inventory is organized by town and lists the site name, street address, and data source from which the listing was obtained.  The revised list now includes columns listing the tax assessor ID, acreage, and latitude and longitude for each parcel. Brownfields that include more than one real estate parcel occupy separate rows listing the tax assessors ID, and acreage of each parcel.
DEEP’s list of brownfields includes:
  1. Sites that have received grants or loans for brownfield assessment  and/ or remediation through the Department of Economic & Community Development’s (DECD) Office of Brownfield Remediation & Redevelopment (OBRD);
  2. Sites that have received grants or loans for brownfield assessment and/or remediation through the US Environmental Protections Agency’s brownfields grant and revolving loan fund programs.  A list of these sites is also available at EPA’s Cleanups in my Community website by filtering for sites located in Connecticut; and
  3. Sites that have been accepted into one of the liability relief programs administered by DECD or DEEP, including the Abandoned Brownfields Cleanup Program, the Brownfields Remediation & Revitalization Program, and the Municipal Brownfield Liability Relief Program.
  4. Sites that have received funding through the Urban Sites Remedial Action Program (US RAP) administered by DEEP and DECD’s OBRD.
DEEP has attempted to eliminate duplicates from this list, however, in some cases, the same site may have been listed under different names or addresses in one of the information sources listed above.
  • For sites where the Data Source is listed as "MBLR," please contact at  for further information.
  • For sites where the Data Source is listed as “DECD”, “ABC”, or “BRRP”, please contact OBRD at .
  • For sites where the Data Source is listed as “EPA”, please contact Jim Byrne, EPA Region 1’s Brownfields Coordinator.

Content Last UpdatedJune 11, 2024

Brownfields in Connecticut