School and Institution Recycling

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"Things do not change, we change."   ~ Henry David Thoreau

Schools and institutions have many opportunities to recover resources by practicing waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Collecting materials for recycling is mandated by Connecticut State law as well as in local municipal ordinances. Schools and institutions are not exempt from recycling requirements!  Review the mandated recyclables for the state of Connecticut, and contact your local municipal recycling coordinator to learn more about local ordinances.

Visit RecycleCT to learn What's In and What's Out of Connecticut's mixed recycling (single stream) program. 

In addition to legal requirements to recycle, recycling is an important and easy activity that every student, resident, worker, and visitor in Connecticut can do; and an important action to make sure we use our resources wisely! Connecticut has a goal of recovering 60% of our municipal solid waste through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting by 2024. Read more about Connecticut’s waste management strategies in the Connecticut's Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy.

What Else Can Schools Do?

Power of Procurement:  When possible, purchase products and supplies that have recycled content, preferably post-consumer recycled content.

Use less toxic cleaning products:  Did you know schools are required to use green cleaning supplies?  The law, implemented in 2011, is overseen by The Connecticut Department of Public Health. Learn more about Connecticut's Green Cleaning Products in Schools Law.

Become a CT Green LEAF School (K-12):  To better understand if you’re in compliance with environmental and health & safety laws, learn about tools and resources for schools to be more “green” and network with Green LEAF schools. We must all share in the responsibility of protecting our environment.

Remember to celebrate Connecticut Recycles Day on November 15th!


Content Last Updated June 8, 2020