Green Building

Green buildings are part of the larger practice of smart growth, also known as sustainable design and development, thatoutline of a house in green advocates that the use of natural resources by this generation shall not diminish the capacity of the environment to provide for successive generations. Green building is one of the tools to advance smart growth. A green building is one where the indoor and outdoor (house and landscape setting) environmental qualities have been considered and protected during its design, construction, maintenance and use.

The following fact sheets are intended for homeowners engaged in home construction and remodeling projects. The fact sheets offer an introduction to green building and sources of additional information. You will find there is a lot of information out there. However, almost everyone agrees that homes which are built green are:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Site Responsive
  • Water Conserving
  • Materials Sensitive
  • Healthy

The following fact sheets address some of these attributes:

In addition, the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC) was formed in 2001 with a mission to promote and educate policy makers, the Connecticut construction industry and building owners as well as the financial community of the benefits of these buildings. The CTGBC plans various workshops on green building topics, networking opportunities, educational forums, introductory seminars on green buildings as well as work with the US Green Building Council to hold "LEED" training in Connecticut.

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Pollution Prevention

Content Last Updated February 2020