Radioactive Materials and Industrial X-Ray Device Program (Ionizing Radiation) 

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The Radioactive Materials and Industrial X-Ray Device Program registers users of radioactive materials and/or industrial x-ray sources and ensures compliance with DEEP's regulations through on-site inspections. The purpose of the program is to evaluate the radiation exposure to employees and the general public and to reduce such exposure to the lowest practicable level.
  • Radioactive material is any solid, liquid or gas that emits radiation spontaneously.
  • Industrial sources of ionizing radiation include:
    • Baggage X-ray Devices
    • Lead Paint Analyzers
    • Cabinet X-Ray Systems
    • Density and Thickness Gauges
    • Linear or Circular Accelerators for Radioisotope Production
    • Van de Graaff Machines
In Connecticut, there are approximately 700 facilities that use radioactive materials and/or industrial x-ray devices in a variety of ways including research, radiography and training, industrial radiography, activation analysis, ion implantation, and radioisotope production.
A registration must be submitted prior to sources of radioactive material and industrial x-ray sources being operated, handled, used, stored or manufactured. Each owner of an installation or mobile source must renew their registration by December 31st of each year. Additionally, at any time when there is any change in the number of sources, source strength, or the output or types of radiation or any other modifications to the existing registration, an ammendment must be filed.
There is an annual fee of $200.00 for registration of these sources. The fee of $200.00 is not pro-rated. New registrants are required to pay the $200 fee regardless of when they register with the DEEP. There is no fee for filing amendment(s) to existing registration(s). 

Preparation and Submittal of the Registration Form:

Link to EZ File 

Use ezFile to submit your RMI registration

An out of state registrant planning to make a site visit to Connecticut shall submit an additional form, the Temporary Use Notification (DEEP-RAD-REG-101) at least three days prior to entering the state, informing the department of their activities within Connecticut. The Radioactive Materials and Industrial X-Ray Devices Registration Form must have been previously submitted before filing a Temporary Use Notification.

For further information, please contact the Radiation Division at 860-424-3029 or

Content Last Updated December 2015