ReEnergy Holdings LLC

Pursuant to Section 22a-3a-4(a)(4) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection hereby provides notice that on June 16, 2022, ReEnergy Holdings LLC (“ReEnergy”) petitioned the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) for a declaratory ruling regarding the applicability of Connecticut General Statutes (“CGS”) §16-245a(g), specifically: Do ReEnergy’s biomass facilities located in Livermore Falls, Maine and Stratton, Maine (collectively the “Facilities”), meet the statutory exemption from any reduction in the value of Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) generated by the Facilities as provided in CGS §16-245a(g)? The Petition seeks a declaration that the Facilities are exempt from the gradual phasedown of Class I RECs produced by biomass resources pursuant to CGS §16-245a(g) because both Facilities entered into a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) with an electric distribution company in the state of Connecticut on or before June 5, 2013.


The Commissioner is providing notice of this matter to additional persons or entities that may have an interest in this matter. An electronic copy of the Petition is available on the Department’s website at this link. Those unable to access the Petition via the Department’s website should contact Julianne Naughton in the Office of Legal Counsel, at (860) 424-3086 or Under Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies § 22a-3a-4(c)(2), any person may file, within thirty days of the publication of this notice, written comments on the issues raised in the Petition.


All comments shall be directed to Commissioner Katie S. Dykes, signed by the commenter or their attorney or other representative, contain the name and telephone number of the commenter and their attorney or other representative, and be delivered via electronic mail to Julianne Naughton at