Request for Nominations for Official Greenway Designation

The Connecticut Greenways Council (CGC) continuously accepts nominations for official state greenway designation.  Designated greenways, both for recreation and resource protection, will be listed in a subsequent revision of the State Plan of Conservation and Development and may receive increased consideration for a variety of grants.  The Greenways Council will evaluate all nominated greenways for consistency with designation criteria.  Those selected for designation will be announced by the Council at the annual CT Trail Symposium
Applicants are welcome to submit proposals anytime to allow for discussions with CGC members and facilitation of new greenway designations when appropriate. The preferred method for submission of completed nomination forms is by e-mail to Kimberly Bradley, CT Trails and Greenways Coordinator.  Digital photos and maps are also preferred.  (Note: digital photos of hard copy maps are acceptable.)  Nominations may also be submitted on CD or other electronic storage device or as a last choice, mail nomination packages to Kimberly Bradley, CT Trails and Greenways Coordinator, DEEP, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106-5127.
Nomination Form (word)  (pdf)
Content last updated February 2023