DEEP Regulations

(Sorted by subject)

Title Section
Abatement of Air Pollution 22a-174-1 through 44, 100 and 200
Noise Control 22a-69-1 to 22a-69-7.4
Boating Safety - Definitions 15-121-A1
Boating Safety – Regulatory Marker Permits 15-121-A2 through A5
Boating Safety – Marine Event Permits 15-121-A6
Boating Safety – Boating Accidents and Accident Reporting 15-121-A7 through A8a
Boating Safety - General 15-121-A9 through A10, A13-A19
Boating Safety – Safe Boating Certificate 15-140f-1 through 15-140f-5
Boating Safety – Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation 15-140j-1 through 15-140j-3
Boating Safety - Chemical Testing for Boating Under the Influence (BUI) 15-140r-1 through 15-140r-10
Boating Safety – Reinstatement of Boating Certificate 15-140v-1 - Repealed
Exemption for Operators of Rented Vessels 15-140e-4
Fees at Recreational Boating Facilities 23-26-1
Hearing Procedures and Report of Sale of Vessels Removed and Taken Into Custody 15-9-1 through 5
Prohibited Activities in Access Areas (Boat Launches) 26-16-1
Registration and Numbering - General Requirements 15-121-B1 through B6
Registration and Numbering -Fees and Marine Dealers 15-144-1 through 11
Speed and Area Restrictions 15-121-B12through B18
Miscellaneous Restrictions 26-112-48
Restricted Zones for Transportation of Hazardous Materials 15-121-C1
Commercial and Sport Fishing in the Marine District 26-159a-1 through 28
Commercial Fishing in the Inland and Marine Districts 26-142a-1 through 16
Commercial Hatcheries 26-149-1 through 3
Fish Spawning Areas and Refuges 26-102-1
Importation, Transportation or Liberation of Live Fish or Live Fish Eggs 26-55-1
Inland Waters and Marine District Defined 26-108-1
Nuisance Aquatic Invertebrates 26-55-5
Private Waters 26-131-1
Privately Stocked Waters 26-132-1
Prohibited Acts 26-114-1
Reports to the Commissioner 26-157b-1
Sport Fishing in the Inland District 26-112-21 through 48
Taking of Lobster 26-157c-1 through 4
Threatened and Endangered Fish Species 26-40d-1
Certification of Forest Practitioners 23-65h-1
Conduct of Forest Practitioners 23-65j-1
Forest Fire Fighting Equipment Fund 23-37b-1
Policies and Standards for Evaluating Land Proposed for Classification as Forest Land 12-107d-1 through 5
Aerial Pesticides 22a-54-1 and 3
Application of Pesticides by State Agencies 22a-66l-1
Aquatic Pesticides/Application of Chemicals to State Waters 22a-66z-1
Discarding of Pesticides 22a-65-1
Fees for Certification of Pesticide Applicators 22a-54-2
Fee for Examination and Registration of Pesticide Distributors 22a-56-1
Pesticide Registration and Classification 22a-50-1 through 9
Posting and Notification of Outdoor Pesticide Application 22a-66a-1 through 2
Tree Protection Examining Board (Arborists) 23-61a-1 through 8
Use of Pesticides 22a-66-1 through 7
Use of Pesticides (Use of Forms) 22a-49-1
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
16-1-1 to 345-9
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility Siting
22a-163f-1 through 10
22a-163t(e)-1 through 3
Radiation Sources and Radioactive Materials 19-24-1 through 14
Reporting of Nuclear Incidents 22a-135-1
X-Ray Devices Used for Diagnosis and Therapy
X-Ray Devices Used for Diagnosis and Therapy
19-25a-1 through a-5
19-25d-1 through d-11
Environmental Land Use Restrictions 22a-133q-1
Grants to Municipalities and Water Companies for Potable Water Supplies 22a-471-1
LEP 22a-133v-1 through 22a-133v-8
Remediation Standard 22a-133k-1 through 3
Superfund Priority Score 22a-133f-1
Underground Storage Tank 22a-449(d)-1 through 113
Underground Tank Cleanup Fund 22a-449e-1
State Parks/Camping
Collection of Fees at Recreational Boating Facilities 23-26
Greenways Small Grants
23-101(b)-1 through 11
Management of State Natural Preserves 23-5c-1
Parks and Forests -General 23-4-1 through 5
State Park Rentals 23-4-23 through 35
State Park Fees 23-26-2 through 11
Use and Fee Structure of Certain State Park Facilities 23-4-7 through 22
Waste Management (Solid and Hazardous)
Beverage Container Deposit and Redemption 22a-245-1 through 6
Certification of Operators 22a-209-6
Composting of Leaves 22a-208i(a)-1
Hazardous Waste 22a-449(c)-100 through 119
Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting
Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting
22a-116-1 through 10
22a-116-B-1 through 10
Hazardous Waste Minimum Distance Requirements 22a-122-1
Hazardous Waste Transporter Permits 22a-449(c)-11
Mandatory Recycling 22a-241b-1 through 4
Mercury-Containing Lamps 22a-209-17
Permit Fees for Hazardous Waste Materials Management 22a-454-1
Qualifications of Operators RRF 22a-231-1
Qualifications of Operators and Inspectors of Resources Recovery Facilities 22a-238-1
State Solid Waste Management Plan 22a-228-1
Solid Waste Permit Fees 22a-208a-1
Solid Waste Facility 22a-209-1 through 16
Plastic Bottle Coding 22a-255b-1 through 3
Terminals for the Loading or Discharge of Petroleum or Chemical Liquids or Products from Vessels 25-54cc-1 through 7
Water (including wastewater discharge)
Application and Annual Fees for Water Pollution Control Permits 22a-430-6 through 7
Aquifer Protection Area Land Use Regulations 22a-354i-1 through 10
Aquifer Protection Level A Mapping 22a-354b-1
Certification Wastewater Treatment Operators 22a-416-1 through 10
Clean Water Fund 22a-482-1 through 4
Dams and Similar Structures
Dams and Similar Structures
22a-409-1 through 2
22a-411a-1 through 2
Delegation of Permitting Authority for Water Pollution Control and Exemption from Public Notice 22a-430-1 through 2
Floodplain Management for State Agencies 25-68h-1 through 25-68h-3
Funding Assistance to Connecticut Municipalities and State Agencies for Planning, Design and Construction of Pollution Abatement Facilities 22a-439-1 through 4
General Conditions Applicable to Water Discharge Permits and Procedures and Criteria for Issuing Water Discharge Permits 22a-430-3 through 4
Grants for the Protection of Coves and Embayments 22a-113b-1
Grants to Municipalities and Lake Associations to Improve the Water Quality of Recreational Lakes 22a-339d-1 through 4
Inland Wetlands and Watercourses 22a-39-1 through 22a-39-15
Minimum Stream Flow Standards 26-141a-1 through 8
Oil and Gas Exploration 22a-472-1
Revocation and Reinstatement of Municipal Authority to Regulate Inland Wetlands 22a-42d-1
Sewage System Additives and Detergents 22a-462-1through 3
Stream Flow Standards and Regulations 26-141b-1 through 8
Tidal Wetlands 22a-30-1 through 22a-30-17
Underground Injection Control 22a-430-8
Water Diversion
Water Diversion
Water Diversion
22a-377(c)-1 through (c)-2
Water Quality Standards 22a-426-1 through 9
Administer the Distribution and Expenditure of Funds in the Endangered Species, Natural Area Preserve and Watchable Wildlife Account 22a-27l-1 through 3
Conditions on Possession of Bog Turtles 26-78-2
Deer Hunting 26-86a-1 through 12
Endangered Species 26-306-1 through 7
Falconry 26-67e-1 through 18
Field Dog Trials 26-51-1 through 2
Hunting and Trapping 26-66-1 through 15
Hunting Dogs 26-49-1 through 2
Importation and Possession of Deer, Moose, and Elk Carcasses and Parts 26-55-4
Importation, Possession or Liberation of Wild Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates 26-55-6
Importation, Transportation or Liberation of Butterflies
Instructions in Trapping, Hunting and Archery 26-31-1
Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp 26-27b-1
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators 26-47-1
Possession and Sale of Game and Furbearing Animals 26-78-1
Permits for Shooting Birds Liberated at Field Dog Trials 26-52-1
Pheasant Hunting, Turkey Hunting Fees, Migratory Bird Harvest Permit 26-48a-1 through a-3
Possession of Salamanders and Turtles 26-55-3
Private Shooting Preserves 26-48-1 through 11
Prohibited Activities in Access Areas, Public Use of Field Trial, Dog Training and Wildlife Management Areas 26-16-1 through 3a
Receipt of Raw Furs by Fur Dealers 26-42-1
Seasons, Bag Limits and Methods for Taking Amphibians and Reptiles 26-66-13 through 14
Tanning, Curing or Mounting Wild Birds or Wild Quadrupeds 26-59-1 through 2
Transportation and Disposal of Vehicle Killed Deer 26-57-1 through 2
Wildlife Pen Specifications 26-54-1
Administrative Civil Penalties 22a-6b-1 through 15
Description of Organization 22a-1-1 through 3-4
Delegation of Authority for the Abatement of Air and Water Pollution 22a-2a-1 through 2
Rules of Practice 22a-3a-2 through 6
Soil and Water Conservation 22a-315-10 through 19

Other related regulations

Certification Water Treatment Plant Operators (25-32-7a through 14 - DPH Regulations)
Civil Penalties for Violations of Certain Drinking Water Laws (25-32e-1 - DPH Regulations)
Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) (22a-1a-1 through 22a-1a-12)
Connecticut Plans for Public Water Supply Coordination (25-33h-1 - DPH Regulations)
Establishment of Criteria and Performance Standards for Classification of Water Company Lands (25-37c-1 through 2, 25-37d-1 through 9 - DPH Regulations)
Exclusive Recreational Clam Harvesting Areas (26-235-1 - DOAG Regulations)
Loans and Grants to Private and Municipal Water Companies (25-33b-1 through 5 - DPH Regulations)
Source Water Protection Measures (25-32d-1a through 25-32d-6 - DPH Regulations)
Well Drilling Industry (25-128-33 through 64 - DCP Regulations)