College Internship Program

Recognizing the need to provide hands-on work experience not typically available to students in the traditional academic setting, Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) offers a College Internship Program to acquaint students with DEEP’s mission. Our unpaid internship program allows qualified students to obtain academic credit from their institution, while also gaining valuable experience in the workforce. Attracting and retaining top-notch employees is crucial to the success of DEEP. To foster both their personal and professional growth, college interns are afforded an opportunity to familiarize themselves with hands-on work of the Agency, such as research, monitoring, enforcement, environmental clean-up, regulation of public utilities, and community involvement.


DEEP seeks college students who have completed their sophomore year of academic courses and earned a minimum of 60 academic credits. Students must be currently enrolled in either an accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Program. Additionally, we are now  accepting students who are enrolled in an  Associate Degree program. These students must be at least half way through their Associate Degree program, same document requirements apply. Applicants from a variety of academic majors are sought, we are looking for students with the following, but not limited to, areas of interest:

Biology & Chemistry
Climate Change
Communications/Public Relations
Conservation: Air-Land-Water
Conservation Law Enforcemet
Emerging Technologies
Energy Efficiency
Energy Infrastructure
Engineering: Chemical-Civil-Environmental-Public Utilities
Environmental Education
Environmental Justice
Environmental Studies
Fisheries Management
Forestry Management
Geographic Info Systems (GIS)
Information Technology (IT)
Land Use/Planning
Laws & Regulations
Occupational Health & Safety
Park and Recreation Management
Public Health
Public Policy & Planning
Recycling/Materials Management
Renewable Energy
Utilities & Ratemaking
Waste Management
Web/Social Media
Wildlife Management

  • Interns must be able to work at least one full day (8 hours) per week for at least one academic term.
  • Interns are placed in September, January, and during the summer of each academic year.
  • A DEEP representative must interview all interns.
  • Students must arrange to receive credits by consulting with his or her college advisor or Internship Director.
  • Non-Academic (Practical Work Experience) Internships are also considered.
  • Students must be enrolled in either an accredited four-year institution of higher education for his or her Bachelor's Degree or in an accredited Master's Degree Program.
Academic Component:

Since the academic requirements of participating institutions of higher education may vary, each intern should arrange individually with his or her college or university for specific academic requirements and credits to be awarded for participation in the program.

Selection and Placement:

Selection must be made by the supervising manager of the division where the placement is to be made. Appointments will be made in accordance to the academic term being considered.

A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between the students, their institutions, and DEEP is a major goal of the internship program. Every effort will be made to effect a match that is satisfactory to both parties.

Program Advantages:
  • Gain Industry Knowledge
  • Make Critical Professional Contacts
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Apply Knowledge Learned in the Classroom
  • Define and Redirect Your Career Path
  • Develop and Build Upon Current Skills
The deadline for applying:
  • Spring Semester Internship:  November 1st  
  • Summer Semester Internship:   March 1st 
  • Fall Semester Internship:   July 1st
Application Packet:
Those interested in applying must submit the following for consideration:
  • Completed and Signed Application
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • List of Completed Coursework Relevant to “Identified Areas of Interest,” as noted on Part II of the application (listed on resume is acceptable)
Please note: These internships are unpaid.

Unsigned applications, or Application Packets missing required documentation will not be considered.

DEEP College Internship Program Applications and required documents can be emailed to
Application for College Internship: Download Here