Contacts and Information for Tree Issues

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Below is a list of contacts and resources for tree-related issues and concerns.
  • Trees on municipal-owned properties (i.e., parks, town greens) or along municipal roads fall under the purview of the tree warden. Every municipality in Connecticut is required to have a tree warden per CT statute 23-58. You can learn more about tree warden qualifications and the tree warden program here. Contact information for tree wardens can be found using this map
  • Trees located off state roads (i.e., highways or roads with an associated route number, such as Route 1) fall under the authority of the Department of Transportation. Contact information for tree issues on DOT property can be found here
  • Trees located on private property are covered in CT statute 52-560. CT DEEP cannot provide legal advice on or interpret state statute related issues. For more information about previous court cases involving tree issues, review CT Laws About Trees. For specific questions about tree issues on private property, contact a legal specialist. If the tree is located on your property and you are interested in learning more about care and maintenance, visit our page on Yard Trees.  
  • In some instances, trees along the right of way or on private property will be maintained by a utility company as part of their vegetation management plan. For information regarding their process, and the process for filing objections or modifications see CT statute 16-234. You can learn more about utility companies in Connecticut and best practices for planting under utility wires here.  

You can view a full compilation of laws, regulations and statutes regarding Connecticut trees here.


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Content last updated in January 2024.