Connecticut Tree Wardens 

Tree wardens are appointed public officials responsible for trees alongside public roads and in public spaces, other than those on state property or under the jurisdiction of a park commission.  Each municipality is required to have a tree warden. The tree warden's responsibilities include approving the planting, pruning or removal of trees under his or her authority. 

How to Contact Your Tree Warden

Use this map to find contact information for Connecticut's tree wardens. Listings are based on information provided by the municipality and do not include borough or village tree wardens, or deputy tree wardens. 

Tree Warden Qualifications

Effective in 2013, each city and town is required to appoint as tree warden or as deputy tree warden an individual who meets, within one year of appointment, the requirements as set forth in Section 23-59a of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS). An individual may meet these requirements either by completing the coursework outlined in the statute or by being licensed as an arborist in Connecticut. Individuals who do not meet these requirements are not eligible for reappointment.    

For more information about these requirements, including details as to how these requirements can be met through the Tree Warden School, please visit the UConn Extension Tree Warden Outreach and Tree Wardens Association of Connecticut pages.

Additional information

Tree Wardens Association of Connecticut  |  UConn Extension Tree Warden Outreach Program


Content updated in January 2024.