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As stated in the Blue Plan Vision and Goals, the Blue Plan, "shall ultimately reflect the knowledge, perspectives, and needs of all stakeholders whose lives are touched by Long Island Sound."Norwalk Public Event November 2016

You're important to the Blue Plan

Your participation in the Blue Plan is essential to help us institute a plan that best supports your needs as a user of Long Island Sound. Your input can help shape the final outcomes and implementation of the plan. The final draft of the Blue Plan is being submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly Environment Committee before the start of the legislative session on February 5, 2020. Give your input on the Blue Plan while it is being considered for approval.

Get Involved!

Get involved in the Blue Plan process by attending the next public hearing or passing along your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

An overview of this information is also available on our Blue Plan Basics: Public and Stakeholder Engagement Factsheet.

Content Last Updated February 7, 2020