Public Act 22-25

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Zero emissions school busZero-emission School Buses

  • Increase school transportation contracts to 10-year (at least 1 EV bus) 
  • 2030: 100% EV in EJ | 2040: 100% EV all school districts
  • Creates a new matching grant program for the EPA Clean School Bus Program up to $20 million

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MHD Vehicle

Medium-Heavy-duty Vehicles

  • New MHD Voucher Program with $10 million in funding
  • DEEP authorized to adopt California MHD emission standards

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E-Bike Voucher Program

  • DEEP has initiated a Request for Information- Comments are Due on July 27, 2022
  • Requires the establishment of maximum income eligibility
  • Minimum $500 rebate w/ $3,000 MSRP cap on E-bikes
  • LMI/EJ component

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Changes to CHEAPR
  • Funding increasing the programs funding to approximately $8-10 million/year from greenhouse gas (GHG) motor vehicle fees and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) fees 
  • Increased MSRP cap establishes a new maximum for vehicle eligibility at $50,000
  • Expanded Eligibility. New Eligible Applicants include: businesses, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and tribal entities
  • Increasing Board’s membership with addition of 5 new board seats (1 PURA chairperson + 4 to be appointed) 
  • CHEAPR board becomes an advisory board
  • Focus on Low Income
    • low-income individuals (household income at or below 300% of federal poverty level) 
    • residents of environmental justice (EJ) communities 
    • residents who participate in certain state or federal assistance programs
  • Additional EJ incentives up to 100% standard rebate amounts!
    • Rebate+ Vouchers 
    • Rebate+ programs will be allowed to use either a rebate or a voucher system going forward 

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