Advisory Groups

Commissioner's Constituent Groups
Two external constituent groups meet with the managerial staff of the Department on a periodic basis to discuss Connecticut’s environmental agenda, policy, legislative initiatives, budget and resource issues.

Connecticut Equine Advisory Council
The Connecticut Equine Advisory Council (EAC) assists the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection with issues related to the preservation of equine trails in Connecticut.

Conservation Advisory Council
The Conservation Advisory Council advises and assists the DEEP in matters involving the management of natural resources and outdoor activities.

Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC)
The Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC) works closely with the Fisheries Division on issues and problems that affect all users of marine and inland fisheries resources.

Forest Practices Advisory Board
The Forest Practices Advisory Board was established to provide DEEP with recommendations, advice, and guidance on implementing Connecticut's Forest Practices Act. 

State Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee (HWAC)
The State Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee was established to help guide the implementation of recommendations outlined in the external systems analysis report.

State Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee
The State Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee was established to assist the Department in implementing the State Solid Waste Management Plan, Amended 2006 and in identifying emerging issues and solutions.

State Implementation Plan Revision Advisory Committee (SIPRAC)
SIPRAC is the Air Bureau’s standing advisory committee on Connecticut’s implementation of the Clean Air Act.

Content last updated in March 2024.