Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine, East Granby

Field Trips

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Field trips to Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine are a great way to engage with authentic history and natural history, in a one of a kind location. Students will join a museum guide to explore the historic prison ruins (1773) and abandoned copper mine (1707), using critical thinking and varying perspectives to dig deeper into history.



The Museum will be open for visits starting May 11th.

Request your visit here and a member of our team will get back with you to discuss details and confirm.


Thursdays are reserved for group visits and are therefore the easiest day to book large groups. We can also consider groups Fridays - Mondays. Visits ideally begin at 10:00am or 12:30.


Cost: $7 per student, chaperone, and homeschool adult. Paid teachers and school staff are free. Siblings under 3 are free.


Visits are 1.5 hours for groups of 60 students or less, 3 hours for groups of 65 students or more, and 1 hour for high school groups and older. Groups are welcome to stay and self-guide or have lunch before or after their guided visit.


There is plenty of parking for buses and chaperones. Groups can have a picnic lunch outside in our designated picnic area outside of the museum walls. We cannot accommodate indoor lunch, and groups must talk with staff prior to their visit if they need a place to store their lunch.


Please submit a request form to kick start the conversation. From there we are happy to work with your specific group if details need to be changed, i.e. varying group sizes, different timing, or adjusted programming. Thank you for considering Old New-Gate for your field trip.




Daily Life at New-Gate

Recommended Grades:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Core Standards: HIST 1.1; HIST 2.2; HIST 3.2; GEO 3.5; GEO 4.5; ECO 1.3; ECO 2.3; GEO 3.8, GEO 4.7; CIV 1.2; HIST 3.4; HIST 4.1

Length: 1.5 hours

Objective: With this combination of tours and activities, students will learn more about life at New-Gate both as a mine and prison. Students will be asked to step into the shoes of the miners and try their luck at finding ore, and then transition to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the site as a prison. Through conversation and hands-on components, students will gain a better understanding of how humans engage with their natural environment, as well as their communities.


Perspectives of New-Gate

Recommended Grades:  5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Core Standards: HIST 5.4; HIST 5.5; HIST 8.1; HIST 5.6; HIST 8.4; CIV 6-7.1; HIST 8.6; HIST 6-8.1

Length: 1.5 hours

Objective: Engaging with New-Gate’s complex history, students will explore the site through the perspectives of the people that once lived there. Students will gain a better understanding of different viewpoints and how they contribute to the history we know.


Private Tour

Recommended For:  Small Groups, High School, College

Length: 1 Hour

If you are interested in bringing your older students to visit Old New-Gate, we are happy to accommodate your group with a specialized private tour. This tour will take students below ground into the copper mine, as well as above into the prison yard. Our trained museum team will be happy to consider requests for specialized topics of interest. We can also offer a 30-minute guided tour of the mine, and allow time above ground to be self-guided.