Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine, East Granby

Digging Deeper



Old New-Gate Documentary

Dig deeper into Old New-Gate’s history as a mine, prison, and tourist attraction with this Old New-Gate Documentary. Produced by Kulture LLC. And powered by Connecticut Office of the Arts.





Research Website
Dig deeper to learn about the men and women incarcerated at New-Gate Prison through our Research Website. Stories, data, and resources have been compiled into a independent website with the help of student researchers from Trinity College. 



Straight Out the Box
Dig deeper to learn more about our modern justice system and how it relates to New-Gate Prison. Straight Out the Box is a documentary produced by Formerly Inc. and gives firsthand accounts from formerly incarcerated men and women. Incorporating modern voices helps the museum’s interpretation of those who have been impacted by the justice system.




Prince Mortimer Lecture by John Mills 
John Mills groundbreaking research on Prince Mortimer digs deeper into this iconic mans life- incarcerated for attempting to murder his enslaver and died at the age of 110. Listen to Mills talk at Old New-Gate here