Professional Engineering Firm


The practice of professional engineering or the offer to practice professional engineering in this state by individual licensed professional engineers under a legal entity.



You must be registered with the Secretary of State in Connecticut as a domestic or foreign firm at the time of this application.


Required Documentation:

A complete Licensee Responsible for Signing and Sealing Form signed by licensee and the firm for each individual.


Ownership Requirements:

  • Limited liability companies must have two-thirds ownership by CT licensed professional engineers.
  • Regular “S” corporations have no license individual ownership requirement.
  • Professional “P” corporation must have two-thirds ownership by CT licensed professional engineers.


Professional Engineering for Individuals Initial/Exam

Professional Engineering for Individuals Reciprocity/Comity


New Application:

  • Legal entities (both in-state and out-of-state) must register their business with the CT Secretary of State’s Office prior to applying.
  • NOTE: The legal entity name you choose should not include reference to services that you are not registered to offer in Connecticut.  For example: ABC Engineering and Architecture LLC will not be issued a registration for engineering without also obtaining a registration for architecture.
  • If your legal entity will provide other services in Connecticut in addition to professional engineering like architecture, land surveying or landscape architecture, you may wish to apply as a Joint Practice (JPC Link)
  • Application fee of $565.00 is non-refundable.

apply_online  OR  Professional Firm Paper Application

Licensee Responsible for Signing and Sealing Form



All firm registrations expire annually.  Annual renewal fee is $375.00.

Online Renewal



All firms can reinstate provided their registration has expired for less than 3 years.  Over 3 years would require a new application.

Online Reinstatement




Laws and Regulations

Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Licensing Board

Architectural Licensing Board

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (Provides examination information and study materials)


Email Address for licensing inquiries: