Prescription and/or Pharmacy Complaints

If you believe that you've been given the wrong medication by your pharmacist, please notify your physician and pharmacist immediately.

The Department of Consumer Protection Drug Control Division and the Commission of Pharmacy take the health and safety of the people of the State of Connecticut very seriously.The Drug Control Division investigates complaints about prescription errors and pharmacies for the Commission of Pharmacy to review.

Please choose the nature of your complaint:

Prescription Errors:

In-State Pharmacy -

Prescription errors that we investigate are as follows (not inclusive):

Wrong Drug                                   Wrong Quantity 
Wrong Strength  Expired Medication 
Wrong Directions  Mixed Medication 
Wrong Patient  Received Someone else's medication 

Out-of-State Pharmacy -

Complaints regarding out-of-state pharmacies (also known as mail order pharmacies) will be received by the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division. When contacting the Department of Consumer Protection Drug Control Division about an out-of-state pharmacy, please include the state where the pharmacy resides. The Drug Control Division will forward complaints to the appropriate Board of Pharmacy as necessary, based on the nature of the complaint. For a list of Boards of Pharmacy please go to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) or call them at 847-391-4406.

Pharmacy Complaints:

            -Technician Ratio Violations

          -Missing the Drug Control Division prescription error information

          -Absence of the Pharmacist for an inappropriate duration

          -Unlicensed individuals working in the pharmacy

          -Breach of patient confidentiality

Please email these complaints to

Other Issues:

Prescription Cost/Pricing - Price Changes, Insurance Issues, Co-payments, etc.


Complaints about the cost of your medication, changes in copayments, or insurance issues are not within the purview of the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division.The Department of Consumer Protection encourages patients to compare prices and speak with their pharmacists and prescribing practitioner to find the most cost-effective option for the condition for which they are being treated. For insurance-related issues, please contact the Department of Insurance.

Out-of-the-Country Pharmacy -

The Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division does not advocate using pharmacies that reside outside the country.  Residents who choose to use out-of-the-country pharmacies do so at their own risk.