The Department of Children and Families is focused on moving towards a family driven, and family informed system.  Families, in all the diverse patterns, sizes, creeds, and colors they come in; are the heart and soul of our society. The condition of children’s lives largely reflects the well-being of their families.
As you know families have the greatest impact on their child’s development and success, and at one point or another we all need support and guidance in learning how to nurture and teach our children. 
Every day children learn about life and who they are through interactions with and observations of their parents and other primary caregivers. Listening to families and hearing their needs help us to focus and develop family supports that meet their needs. 
It is important that we partner together to develop a service delivery system that is family informed and offers an array of community-based services designed to enable and empower families by building on individual and family capabilities that support and strengthen parenting capabilities and overall family functioning.
As we continue to move the Department forward we are excited to partner with you in further developing a family informed system.
A family informed system is: 
  • Family driven, meaning there is a true partnership with families,
  • Comprehensive, flexible, and has the ability to individualize services to each family, based on their culture, needs, values, and preferences,
  • Focused on building on strengths to increase the stability of family members and the family unit, and
  • utilizes informal and formal family supports.

We are depending on you; to help us meet our goals.  Please join us in our partnership with families to continue to move our system forward.


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