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DOCKET NO. 490 – The United Illuminating Company application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Old Town Substation Rebuild Project that entails construction, maintenance and operation of a 115/13.8- kilovolt (kV) air-insulated replacement substation facility located on the existing Old Town Substation parcel at 282 Kaechele Place and two parcels immediately north totaling approximately 3 acres that are owned by the United Illuminating Company at 312 and 330 Kaechele Place, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and related transmission structure and interconnection improvements.

APPLICATION (received 06/30/20)
Application Cover Letter
Appendix A:  Maps and Drawings
Appendix B:  Agency Correspondence
Appendix C:  Ecological Assessment Report
Appendix D:  Visual Assessment and Photo-Simulations
Appendix E:  Cultural Resources Report
Appendix F:  Environmental Noise Assessment
Appendix G:  Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) Report
Appendix H:  Formal Requirements

Bulk Filings:

a. City of Bridgeport Zoning & Subdivision Regulations
b. City of Bridgeport Zoning Map
c. City of Bridgeport Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations
d. Connecticut Inland Wetlands Soils Map
e. City of Bridgeport Master Plan of Conservation and Development
Municipal Consultation:
Cover Letter, 07/09/20
Old Town Substation Rebuild - Open House Boards
Cover Letter to the Town of Trumbull, 01/17/20
Municipal Consultation Filing, 01/2020
Appendix A - Maps and Drawings
Appendix B - Agency Correspondence
Appendix C - Ecological Assessment Report
Appendix D - Preliminary Visual Assessment and Photo-Simulations
Appendix E - Cultural Resources Report
Appendix F - Environmental Noise Assessment

Council Incomplete Letter to the Applicant, 07/02/20
Council Acknowledgement of Applicant Complete Submission, 7/09/20
Council Municipal Participation Fund Letter to the State Treasurer, 07/10/20
Council Completeness Review, 08/27/20
Council Interrogatories to the United Illuminating Company, Set One, 09/8/20
Council Acknowledgement of Eversource Energy Request for Party Status, 09/24/20
Council Decision on Eversource Energy Request for Party Status, 10/08/20



Pre-Hearing Tele-Conference Memorandum, 09/16/20
Remote Hearing Procedures Memorandum, 09/24/20
October 15, 2020 Hearing Documents, 08/28/20
1.  Instructions for Public Access to Remote Public Hearing
2.  Public Hearing Notice
3.  Hearing Program 
4.  Citizens Guide to Siting Council Procedures; and
5.  Proposed Facility Site Plan   
Zoom Remote Public Hearing Recording, 10/15/20  Passcode: 0MF=za9L 


Schedule, 07/02/20
Schedule, 07/13/20
Schedule, 08/27/20

Service List, 07/10/20
Service List, 10/08/20

Hearing Program, 10/15/20

Hearing Transcript 2 p.m., 10/15/20
Public Session Transcript 6:30 p.m., 10/15/20
Council Memorandum Regarding Receipt of October 15, 2020 Transcripts, 10/20/20

APPLICANT - The United Illuminating Company (UI)

UI Response to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 09/25/20  Cover Letter
Attachment A to Interrogatory 1 - Abutter Notification Receipts
Attachment A to Interrogatory 2 - Resident within 1000 feet
Attachment A to Interrogatory 15 - Location of Mobile Transformer
Attachment A to Interrogatory 16 - Old Town FAA Filing Determination
Attachment A to Interrogatory 18 - Proposed Plan Application UI-14-T03 Determination Letter
Attachment A  to Interrogatory 22 - Photographic Site Documentation    
UI Affidavit of Richard Pinto Regarding Sign Posting, 09/28/20
UI Public Session Presentation Site Plan  Cover Letter, 10/08/20

UI Pre-hearing Submission - List of Witnesses and Exhibits, 09/30/20

Post Hearing Brief and Draft Findings of Fact
UI Post Hearing Brief, 11/13/20

PARTY - The Connecticut Light and Power Company d/b/a Eversource Energy

Eversource Energy Motion for Party Status, 09/22/20
Eversource Energy Pre-filed Testimony of Christopher Paul Soderman and Shodhan Patel, 10/08/20

Eversource Energy List of Witnesses and Exhibits, 10/08/20   Cover Letter

Post Hearing Brief and Draft Findings of Fact
Eversource Post Hearing Brief and Proposed Findings of Fact Cover Letter, 11/06/20
Eversource Post Hearing Brief, 11/06/20
Eversource Proposed Findings of Fact, 11/06/20

Council's Draft Findings of Fact, 01/15/21

Council's Final Decision Documents, 02/03/21