If the cannabis establishment is owned by a parent company made up of individuals, trusts or other entities, what does the organizational chart need to show?

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The organizational chart should show the applicant’s ownership structure and reflect all ownership interests in the cannabis establishment.


DCP will use this information to understand the establishment’s overall organization, as well as identify and confirm all of the individuals with an overall financial interest in the cannabis establishment that meet the criteria of a Backer.


Individuals associated with a parent company should be shown on the applicant’s organizational chart, along with their percentages of ownership in the parent company, if they:

  1. Have an ownership interest of 5 percent or more in the cannabis establishment, or
  2. Otherwise meet the definition of a Backer through control or management of the cannabis establishment.


The organizational chart should also show their overall percentage of ownership in the cannabis establishment.


Individuals who do not meet the criteria of a Backer do not need to be listed specifically, but organizational charts should show 100 percent ownership. If 25 percent of the cannabis establishment is owned by individuals that do not meet the backer requirements, a simple statement on the chart noting that is sufficient.

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