What is the seed-to-sale tracking system?

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The Cannabis Analytic Tracking System, Connecticut’s seed-to-sale tracking system, is a real-time inventory system used to track an individual cannabis plant from the point it is planted as a seed or clone to the point of sale as a final cannabis product to a qualifying patient or consumer.

All medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis licensees  are required to input data into this system, showing the movement of cannabis products as they are grown, manufactured, tested, and ultimately sold to qualifying patients and consumers. Information about the person who purchases the final cannabis product is not recorded in the system. 

The seed-to-sale tracking system is useful in determining how much cannabis is available for both medical and adult-use markets, identifying and addressing potential concerns with cannabis products, and monitoring inventory and possible diversion. 

The information in the seed-to-sale tracking system is available to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and the Department of Revenue Services. Data in the tracking system will also be made available to other entities upon request, including law enforcement, as required by law.      
Information within the system is confidential and not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. 


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