Can I change backers?

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No additional backers may be added to a cannabis establishment application between the time of lottery entry, or any initial application for a license, and when a final license is awarded to the cannabis establishment.


If a backer of an applicant or provisional licensee dies, the applicant or provisional licensee may apply to replace the deceased backer. 


If the applicant requesting to replace a deceased backer is a social equity applicant, the Social Equity Council shall review ownership to ensure the replacement backer would not disqualify the applicant as a social equity applicant.


The Social Equity Council is responsible for adopting regulations to prevent the sale, or change in ownership or control, of a social equity applicant’s cannabis establishment to someone other than another qualifying social equity applicant during the period of provisional licensure, and for three years following the issuance of a final license. Exception may be made in the case of death and disability.   

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