Municipal cannabis zoning changes reported to DCP

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For a cannabis establishment to operate, it must have zoning approval from local authorities. Retailers and micro-cultivators specifically must obtain either a special permit or other affirmative approval from the municipality. The chief zoning official of each municipality is required to report any changes to zoning adopted by the municipality regarding cannabis establishments to the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) and the Office of Policy Management within 14 days. It is important to note that each municipality’s zoning regulations are different. The reporting, or lack of reporting, of a zoning change does not necessarily mean cannabis establishments are allowed or disallowed.  Contact your local zoning authority for more information.


The information below is based on information submitted by municipalities to the DCP concerning zoning changes and is for informational purposes only. Please contact the specific local zoning authority you are interested in for a complete and accurate record of a municipality’s decision.


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