Cannabis Testing Laboratory License

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Section 16 of Public Act 23-79 created a new license type for “cannabis testing laboratory”. A "cannabis testing laboratory" means a person who (A) is located in this state, (B) is licensed by the department to analyze cannabis, and (C) meets the licensure requirements established in section 21a-408r, as amended by Public Act 23-79, and the regulations adopted pursuant to subsection (d) of section 21a-408r, as amended by Public Act 23-79.



This license is required for laboratories analyzing cannabis.


  • Approved cannabis testing laboratories must apply for and maintain ISO Certification

Required Documentation
  • Online application (below)
  • List of names, titles and addresses of members of the company, firm, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship
  • List of names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons handling drugs at the laboratory
  • Copy of contract with approved seed-to-sale tracking system


Application Forms and Other


  • Provisional License Fee: $500
  • Final License Fee: $1,000
  • Renewal Fee: $1,000



This license shall be renewed every year.


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