How to Safely Dispose of Cannabis and Cannabis Products

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It’s important to know how to safely dispose of cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis waste. These items may contain high levels of THC and can be dangerous to both children and animals if ingested.


What is Cannabis Waste?

Cannabis waste includes all types of used cannabis. It also includes materials and packaging that has made contact with cannabis, but is not for sale or can no longer be used in any way.


Examples of Cannabis Waste

  • Expired, leftover and unused edibles, drinks and other cannabis products
  • Extracts, oils, and other cannabis liquids
  • Cannabis in plant form (buds, clippings, roaches)
  • Cannabis vape pens, bongs and pipes


How to Safely Dispose of Cannabis Waste

Cannabis waste should be mixed with other waste material, like coffee grounds or kitty litter, so it can’t be used. The waste mixture should be in a taped and sealed container, like an empty yogurt cup, and thrown into regular trash.


If cannabis packaging is recyclable, throw EMPTY and CLEAN containers away with other recyclables. If the packaging is not recyclable, throw the EMPTY package away with the regular trash. Do not flush cannabis products or packaging down the sink or toilet.

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