Can I gift cannabis to other individuals?

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People with a bona fide social relationship may give cannabis to one another if the gift is made without a promise of payment or exchange of other goods and services and is not associated with a commercial transaction.


Individuals are prohibited from gifting, selling, or transferring cannabis to another person:


  • To induce, or in exchange for, any donation for any purpose, including any charitable donation or any donation made to gain admission to any event.
  • At any location, other than a dispensary facility, retailer, or hybrid-retailer, or any location that requires any form of payment, including membership in any club, to gain admission to the location.
  • As part of any giveaway associated with attendance at any event, including a door prize, goodie bag, or swag bag.

Medical marijuana products may not be gifted.


It is illegal to distribute or sell marijuana, and/or to possess any amount of cannabis with the intent to distribute or sell it without a business license to sell or distribute cannabis. This prohibition applies equally to businesses, which will not be permitted to sell, gift, or in any other way distribute cannabis without a license.


Review Section 2 of Public Act 22-103 to learn more about the state’s gifting law.

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