How many applications for cannabis licenses has the department received?

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The data shown in this table is updated weekly on Thursdays. The applications included in these counts have NOT been reviewed for completeness. The counts may include incomplete applications and are subject to change.

  • The data reflects the total number of social equity and general lottery applications the Department of Consumer Protection has received for each license type at the time the report was generated. The Department has not reviewed the applications and cannot confirm that each application was completed properly or that each backer listed in the application submitted a backer application.
  • Those counted as social equity applicants have self-identified as social equity applicants. The Social Equity Council has NOT reviewed the applications to verify social equity status.
  • All individuals that are identified as backers associated with a cannabis establishment application must also complete a backer application before the close of the application window to ensure they are considered as part of the application.
  • Applications will not be reviewed until after the application period closes and the third-party lottery operator has randomly selected the appropriate number of applications for each license type.


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