Members of the public may watch the following parole and pardons hearings via video feed (Click here for instructions. The video will be available for viewing after the hearing as long as the link is posted on the website). Hearings start at 9am unless posted otherwise. Click on the below links to watch hearings on:

May 22nd, 2024:
MacDougall CI/MYI Hearing - R#3.

Cybulski CI Hearing - R#2.

May 23rd, 2024:
Revocation Reviews - R#3.

All hearings will be conducted as MS Teams or Zoom Virtual Hearings and streamed LIVE on this website as well. Please check back periodically for updates and links. Please refresh or switch your web browser if the links are not working.

Documents Required for Absolute Pardon Application


It is important that applications be complete, accurate and copies of all required documents be provided when the application is submitted electronically to the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 


The Board requires the following documents to be included with your application at the time of submission:




Note:  Effective December 1, 2017 the fee for the state Criminal History Reports is $75



Requesting your State Police Criminal History Report


  • Pre-enroll on the DESPP - Division of State Police, Bureau of Identification’s Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS) website at:


using Service Code 96E0-A9E5. Please note: When you pre-enroll, you will be required to pay the $75.00 State Police Bureau of Identification fee to obtain to your rap sheet (criminal history report.) *

  • PRINT down the Bar Code generated when you pre-enroll as you need to bring this when you get your fingerprints done.


  • Go to any local Police Department and the Officer or Technician will capture your electronic fingerprints with Livescan and submit them directly to State Police. If the Police Department is not using Livescan, please obtain a HARD COPY fingerprint card and mail it to the DESPP – Division of State Police, Bureau of Identification at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT 06457-2389 along with a copy of your Printed Bar Code and Criminal History Request Form.


  • Upon receipt and processing of your request, the State Police will send you your rap sheet to you (criminal history report) through the Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS).



*   If you cannot afford the $75 fee, you can apply for a Waiver with the State Police by completing the following steps:

o   Complete form:  DESPP Fee Waiver Request

o   Print and complete thCriminal History Request form

o   Go to any local Police Department and obtain a HARD COPY/PRINTED set of fingerprints

o   Mail the completed Request FormDESPP Fee Waiver Request and Fingerprints to the DESPP - Division of State Police, Bureau of Identification at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT 06457-2389. 


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Board of Pardons and Paroles only accepts Criminal History Reports generated by the State Police. The Criminal History Report must be dated within one (1) year of the date you submit your online application. If the criminal history exceeds the one year, it will not be accepted and your application will not be processed.




Completing the Notarized Background Investigation Authorization

Obtaining Reference Questionnaires (A Minimum of 3 are Required)

  • Print at least three (3) Absolute Pardon Reference Questionnaire Forms;
  • The forms must be completed by the individual making the character reference for you and must state they support your petition for a pardon, along with all crimes you were convicted of;
  • References may attach a dated and signed letter to the Questionnaire as long as they indicate they understand you are applying for an absolute pardon and they complete the remainder of the form, including signature and date. Form must be within one year of application.
  • Ensure the forms are signed and dated within one (1) year of the date you submit your online application;
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Only one reference may come from a family member who is related to you by blood or marriage.

Obtaining Police Reports (Required for any Arrests that Resulted in a Conviction within the Last 10 Years

  • Contact the arresting agency/police department (usually Records Department) and request a copy of the police report(s) for any arrest that resulted in a conviction that has occurred within the last ten (10) years.  If the arrest was more than ten (10) years ago, you are not required to obtain a report
  • If no police report is available for an arrest that was less than ten (10) years ago, obtain a letter from the arresting police department stating that no report(s) exists.
  • You may find the arresting department’s name and police case number on the criminal history sheet supplied by the State Police. The fee for copies varies by police department.

Obtaining Probation Letters (Required for all Periods of Probation Supervision

  • If you have ever served a period of probation, you must obtain a letter from the office of Adult Probation that supervised you, indicating the date on which you discharged from any period or periods of probation and the status of your discharge (probation was successful or unsuccessful).
  • Contact the Office of Adult Probation where you were supervised (in some instances, this will be multiple offices) and ask for a letter that states your name, dates of supervision, applicable docket number(s) and the status of your supervision (successful or unsuccessful.) This letter must be signed and dated by Adult Probation on their letterhead.

Copy of your valid Driver’s License or State ID

  • A copy (.jpeg, .pdf or .png) of your current driver’s license or state identification card.  If the address is different on your license than in your application, please indicate why within the application.

Proof of Income

  • Attach proof of employment or your source(s) of income (e.g., most recent paystub, most recent W-2, unemployment verification letter, disability benefits statement, letter(s) from source(s) of financial support, etc.)