Vocational Rehabilitation - Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Designed to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, obtain, maintain or advance in employment.

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services strives to create opportunities that enable individuals with significant disabilities to work competitively and live independently. Staff works to provide individualized services, develop effective partnerships, and share sufficient information so that consumers and their families may make informed choices about the rehabilitation process and employment options.

The Connecticut Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program can help individuals with disabilities to prepare for, find and keep a job.
We offer individualized services for persons with disabilities who are eligible for VR and provide supports in planning for and achieving their job goals.
To be eligible for the VR program, an individual must have a significant physical or mental condition which poses a substantial barrier to employment, and must require VR services in order to prepare for, find and succeed in employment.
BRS may provide a full range of individualized services, including:
  • Vocational counseling
  • Benefits counseling
  • Job search assistance
  • School-to-work transition services
  • Skills training and career education in college and/or vocational schools
  • On-the-job training in business and industry
  • Assistive technology services such as adaptive equipment for mobility, communication and work activities
  • Vehicle and home modification
  • Supported employment services
  • Services to assist in restoring or improving a physical and/or mental impairment
  • Help accessing other programs and services
The VR program serves persons with all disabilities except legal blindness. Individuals with legal blindness are served by the Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind;
The VR program is supported by a combination of state and federal funds. To learn more about the vocational rehabilitation program, go to https://rsa.ed.gov/
Ready to get started? Contact us today by contacting the office nearest to where you live, follow this link or call 800-537-2549
Order of Selection
Please note: On July 1, 2020  Connecticut VR will  be out of  Order of Selection.
Under Order of Selection, priority will be determined during the eligibility process based on how significantly your disability impacts your ability to work.
For more information:

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Getting Started: Applying for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program
If you would like to apply for VR services, it is recommended that you make arrangements with the BRS office nearest to where you live to file the actual application in person. We do not offer online applications at this time.
You may contact the office where you will apply to learn more about what services may be available and what you must do if you are eligible for services.  You will also learn if you need an appointment to meet with a counselor or attend an orientation meeting.  To find the office nearest to where you live, follow this link. 
If you are eligible, a counselor will help you develop an employment plan based on your needs and abilities and will help arrange whatever services are needed to achieve your employment goal. 
Please review the job seeker brochure for more information and an overview of BRS services.   
More Help if you need it

If you are not eligible for assistance from BRS, there may be other resources available that can assist you.


The Client Assistance Program (CAP) can provide advice, advocacy and legal information regarding BRS.  You may contact CAP by calling 1-800-842-7303 (toll-free) or  860-679-1508 (statewide).


Benefits Counseling is available to provide accurate information so that you can make good decisions about your vocational goals, your potential earnings and your health insurance.