Peer to Peer

I Need a Peer 2 Peer!

What is "Peer Support"?

  • A peer/individual who has experiences and strategies to SHARE with you.
  • LEARN from othersCartoon Characters Sharing Information
  • ASSISTS  you on your “life journey”
  • HIRE a peer support with your DDS funding.
  • Short term SUPPORT based on life goals.


  • How to manage and be independent at home.
  • How to self-direct your own supports.
  • How to find, get and maintain a job.
  • How to advance in a chosen career.
  • How to access and build community supports.

Who is a Peer Support?

  • A person/peer who is paid to provide you with their expertise
  • A person/peer who has life experiences to share
  • A person/peer who presently receives supports through a waivered service
  • A person/peer who has developed a resume explaining their experiences and how they can support others on their life journey
  • A person/peer who is qualified to provide Peer SupportChartoon Character with Question Mark

Why and When should I ask for a Peer to Support ME?

  • You want advice from someone who has already experienced what you want to do or what you want to try to d
  • You want to learn from a peer and get their ideas and learn from their personal experiences
  • You are looking to hire a peer to learn from their life experiences
  • You want advice about life choices such as:
    • Moving to a new home
    • Changing from a group home to a more independent living situation
    • Getting Real Work for Real Pay jobs
    • Learning how to live a self determined life
    • Learning how to find friends and get connected in your community
    • Figuring out what makes you happy
    • Supporting you to develop a Circle of Support or a group of people that support you and love you
      Cartoon Character standing with blue question mark

Can Anyone Get A Peer 2 Peer Support?

  • A Peer 2 Peer support is available to any individuals receiving supports and services from the CT DDS.
  • You must have available funding in your supports to pay for your Peer 2 Peer
  • This is a service provided through the HCBS Waiver
  • This is short term support to assist you to become more independent in your life

LOCATING A PEER SUPPORTPicture of Earth with words on it Where on Earth?

  • Look on DDS Advocate’s Corner for contacts: Peer Support
  • Contact the Peer Support through email.
  • Request the Peer Support’s resume.
  • Interview the Peer Support and see if they have experience and skills you like.
  • Do you feel comfortable with the Peer Support?
  • Contact your Case Manager to assist.

I Want to Be A Peer 2 Peer Support

How Do I Qualify to be a Peer 2 Peer Support?

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Minimum 2 years of personal experience
    • Personal experience related to:
    • How to manage your home
    • How to manage Direct Support Professionals – private hire staff
    • How to find a job and maintain the job
    • How to advance in a chosen career
    • How to access your community
    • How to build community supports

Any Other Qualifications?Cartoon Character looking at a paper with READY and NOT READY written on it.

  • Peer Support follows instructions given by the person hiring them
  • Peer Support is responsible for providing progress of the person’s skills or understanding
  • Peer Support MUST maintain confidentiality
  • Peer Support meets the person’s needs as indicated in their IP
  • Peer Support is part of the person’s PST if asked
  • Peer Support has participated in Healthy Relationship Training
  • Peer Support knows how to respond to fire and emergency situations
  • The Peer Support follows directions and accepts supervision from the participant or the participant’s conservator and or DDS depending on the Peer Support provided
  • Peer Support maintains accurate, complete and timely records that meet Medicaid requirements
  • Peer Support provides services in a respectful culturally competent manner
  • Peer Support uses effective Peer Support Practices.


  • Develop a resume.
  • Establish your own email address
  • Minimum 2 years of personal experience in 1 or more areas. (resume)

    Your resume must demonstrate Personal experience in at least one of the related areas:
    1. How to manage the participants home,
    2. How to manage self-direction of supports,
    3. How to find a job or maintain a job,
    4. How to advance in chosen career,
    5. How to access the community and build community supports
    6. Electronically Complete the Qualified Vendor Form on DDS Website.
  1. Submit the following documents:
    1. Individual Practitioner Application
    2. Individual Practitioner's Certification
    3. Email the following documents to

    • Resume
    • Proof of Age
    • Possess a high school diploma or GED

  2. Application will be reviewed, and you will be notified via email if accepted.
chartoon character walking with a briefcase in front of the word JOB 

Is This A Real Job?

  • You are a professionalCheck mark with YES!
  • You are to dress for success
  • You need to document your support and interaction with the person – maintain a time sheet
  • You have a responsibility and need to be reliable
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • This is a professional relationship – you work for the person that hires you
  • You are paid by the employer that hires you to be the Peer Support

Tips to being a professional Peer Support

  • Have your own email address – people need to contact you
  • Create a resume – people need to know your experiences
  • Have reliable transportation to do your job BUT You are not responsible for your employer’s transportation
  • Know how to track your work time on a timesheet
  • REMEMBER this is a short term job so you want to make the best of the time with the person

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