Add Page Properties

Enter additional information about the task/page you just created to help search engines and others understand the content of the page from the Base Data area and Metadata area.


Add/Edit Title and Teaser

This is the title and brief description of the task/page that appears under a topic in the results list.

  1. From the content tree structure, select a page. (In the example below, the "Eligibility" task page is selected.)
    Content Editor Content Tree showing a task selected

  2. When selected, the content area (to the right of the content tree) will display all the properties of the page. Scroll to the the Base Data area and add/edit the following:
    • Content Title - This is the tile that displays on the page. It will already be populated with either:
      • The name you entered when you selected the template OR
      • A pre-defined sub page title (for a Task)
    • Teaser - This is where you enter a brief description of the page.
      • Use keywords in the description that visitors may search to find this task/page.
      • Try to keep description high level and less than 275 characters.

        Content Editor - Base Data area title

  3. Select the Save Changes Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen.


Add/Edit Metadata

Metadata is data that serves to provide context or additional information about other data. For example, titles, descriptions, and keywords. Adding metadata helps search engines understand the content of your page (in addition to the content ON your page).

  1. Scroll to the Metadata area and fill out the following fields:
    • MetaTitle - The title that displays in the browser or browser tab header and search results.
    • MetaDescription - A brief description of the page/task that displays in search results.
    • MetaKeywords - A short list of keywords or phrases, separated by commas, to help guide search engines to the content and rank it more appropriately.

    Content Editor - Meta Data area

  2. Select the Save Changes Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen.


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