Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency is closed to the public until further notice. Our staff continues to provide services through telework and will make every effort to continue agency operations to the greatest extent practicable. Our main number is 800-504-1102. For a complete directory of departments visit Contact Us. We will respond to voice mail and email communications as promptly as we can. Thank you for your understanding. Contact Us

Appointed by Governor
Ex-officio Members
Honorable Melissa N. McCaw, Secretary
Office of Policy and Management
Gregory Messner
Assistant Executive Budget Officer
Honorable Shawn T. Wooden, Treasurer
Office of State Treasurer
John R. Flores
General Counsel
Honorable Charlene M. Russell-Tucker
Acting Commissioner of Education
Keith Norton
Chief Strategic Planning Officer
Public Members
Charles B. Higgins
Appointed 02/28/2013
Jonathan Johnson
Appointed 12/14/2007
Kathleen U. Holt
Appointed 08/20/2020
Lisa Heavner
Appointed 02/18/2021
Vacant as of 10/01/2018
Elected by Teacher Membership
Teacher Members
Clare H. Barnett
Chairperson - Retired Teacher
Board member since 7/1/1991
William Murray
Vice-Chairperson - Retired Teacher
Board member since 11/01/2017
Stephen McKeever
Active Teacher
Middletown Board of Education
Board member since 7/1/2017
Lisa Mosey
Active Teacher
New Milford Board of Education
Board member since 7/1/2015
Steven Muench
Active Teacher
Avon Board of Education
Board member since 7/1/2017
Thomas Nicholas,
Active Teacher
Manchester Board of Education
Board member since 10/1/2020