Process for Documenting Additional Service Credit

A list of PURCHASABLE SERVICE CREDIT is available on the Purchasable Service Credit page where you will find a list of purchasable credit along with links to the corresponding form(s) required to document the credit.  You are responsible to have the appropriate form completed.  Incomplete forms will be returned to you which will delay our issuing a bill to purchase the credit.  In order to avoid delays in the processing of your bill, be sure to furnish all requested information, including a copy of your valid CT teaching certificate covering the assignment you held at the time of the employment (when requested on the form).  If you or your board of education does not have a copy, you may have to contact the Connecticut State Department of Education, Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at (860) 713-6969.

Most forms have a Section A to be completed by the member; Section B to be completed by the employer where your service was rendered; and in some cases a Section C to be completed by the retirement system you participated in.  It is important that multiple page forms not become separated, as we consider our receipt of any partial documentation incomplete.    

Upon completion of the form it is either returned to you or sent directly to us.  When we receive the forms, we will notify you via email (if provided) or regular mail that the form(s) are in our office and we will provide you with an approximate processing time frame.  We post updates on our Additional Service Credit Bills page under LATEST NEWS on our website informing you of which forms (by month) we are currently working on.

Once we calculate the amount due to purchase your service, you will be sent a statement providing you with the years/months of credit, the price or cost of the credit, the due date to lock into that price and the payment options.  If you have any questions on the amount of credit, you should contact the staff member who prepared the statement.  If you have any questions on the payment process, you should contact the Fiscal Division.  You can contact us by email, telephone or fax.  Agency contact information is listed on the Dial Direct by Topic page. 

When we receive the payment(s), the Fiscal Division will send you a receipt.  

If you do not wish to purchase all the credit allowed but would like to purchase a portion of the credit, you should send the bill back to our office and indicate either how many years of the service you would like to be billed for, or the amount of funds you have available to use for purchasing credit, and we will send you a new bill.  For example, we processed a bill for 2.0 years of service at a cost of $14,900.00.  When you receive the bill, you determine you only want to purchase one year.  Just write on the bill, “re-calculate for 1 year” OR you can indicate, “re-bill for $7,000.00”.  Return the bill to our office as soon as possible and we will do a recalculation based on your request.     

We strongly recommend that you document any potential credit as early in your career as possible as:

  • The cost is often less expensive when the service is purchased earlier in your career.
  • The laws governing this system require that the information submitted on our forms come from official payroll records.  Records can be lost, destroyed or damaged.   
  • You will receive approval or denial of your service prior to making your retirement plans.

Additional web pages regarding the purchase of additional credit.