Disability Allowance

If you become disabled while actively teaching, you may be eligible to receive a monthly disability allowance. In order to qualify for a disability allowance, you must:

  • Be an active member to apply for a disability benefit.
  • Be certified as disabled by the CTRB Medical Review Committee. This panel of qualified physicians will review the information submitted by your personal physician(s).

  • Have five years of credited service in the public schools of Connecticut, unless the disability was as a result of a sickness or injury which occurred while performing your duties as a teacher.

For the first 24 months "disabled" means that you are unable to perform your duties as a teacher because of a physical or mental impairment which is expected to be of long duration or result in death. After 24 months, "disabled" means that you are unable to perform any substantial work activity.

For each year of full-time credited service, the benefit would be calculated at two (2%) percent of your salary base. The minimum benefit percentage is 15% and the maximum is 50%.

Service credit will accrue to a maximum of 30 years while receiving a disability allowance. Upon the attainment of age 60 (minimum 20 years CT), the disability allowance will be converted to a normal retirement benefit at which time you will be required to select a payment plan. The converted benefit includes any cost of living adjustments accrued while on disability.

Your 1% and/or voluntary account balances are distributed in your choice of a lump sum or extra monthly annuity when your disability allowance commences.

The disability allowance is subject to possible offsets against outside earned income, Workers Compensation and/or Social Security.

For further information, you should obtain the Application for Disability Allowance.

Disability allowance example:  

Member V is approved for a disability allowance at age 52 with 18 years of full-time service:  

2% X 18.0 = 36% of average salary.