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Affordable Housing Funds

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  • Affordable Housing Funding Opportunities

    The state provides gap funding for projects and programs that create homeownership opportunities for eligible households throughout the State.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Annual Funding Schedule

    The Department of Housing posts a schedule of funding rounds at the beginning of each fiscal year to provide a predictable timetable of the agency's funding for developers, public housing authorities, municipalities and other interested parties seeking funding to construct new affordable housing or preserve existing affordable housing.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • CDBG Small Cities

    Through the CDBG-Small Cities Program, the state provides funding and technical support to municipalities with populations of less than 50,000 for projects that achieve local community, affordable housing, and economic development objectives, principally benefiting low- and moderate-income persons.  

    Agency: Department of Housing

    The state provides gap funding in the form of loans and grants to owners of existing multifamily properties and developers of proposed new multifamily properties to increase the supply of safe, decent and affordable rental housing statewide.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Incentive Housing Zone Program

    The State provides financial incentives to municipalities seeking to create Incentive Housing Zones (IHZ) to promote the expansion of market-rate and affordable housing opportunities.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

    The LIHTC program provides incentives for developers to acquire, rehabilitate and/or build new low- or mixed-income housing through the allocation of federal tax credits that may be sold to corporations or investor groups to raise equity for a project.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Pre-Development Loan Program

    Housing developers seeking assistance with pre-development costs related to the construction, rehabilitation or renovation of housing for low-and moderate-income individuals and families can seek help from the state. The Department of Housing has a new streamlined application process for its pre-development loan program.

    Agency: Department of Housing