Bulk Data & Images

Updated August 2021

Our bulk data and image policy has changed due to the move of the business registry and ucc registry to business.ct.gov. 

  • The business records search now contains an advanced search feature to search by business name, city, principal, and agent and allows filtering and extracting of the search results.
  • The UCC Lien Search also allows for extracting of search results.
  • The Notary Public Search remains on the state eLicensing platform.  

Below are the data sets offered by the Business Services Division.  

Business Starts - Free

This data set provides new business entity formations over the preceding month.  This data set is no longer provided as a subscription service and is now provided free of charge through our partnership with the Connecticut Data Collaborative.  Select "Download Data by Month" to view the available data sets.  

Business Starts/Stops Aggregate Data - Free

The Connecticut Data Collaborative provides a starts/stops tool to view business formation/registration and dissolution/withdrawal information over time.  The data may be freely downloaded.  

Business Entity Database - Free

Effective August, 2021 we will no longer charge for access to the business registry database extract.  The extract will be posted on the state’s data portal at data.ct.gov as four data sets.  The Business Master (Account Object) data set contains the primary information collected for each entity on the Connecticut Business Registry System.  The Agent Details, Principal Details, and Business Filing Details object data sets are intended to be subsidiary objects of the Business Master (Account Object) data set.  Please see the data sets for more information about the structure and data definitions. Please send questions or requests for additional fields or data definitions to crd@ct.gov.  

These data sets will be updated nightly and each set contains the extract date/time. 

Data.ct.gov will be the only source for this data and we will no longer be posting to Sharepoint or FTP.  

1. Business Master (Account Object)

This is the master data object for the business details information contained in the Connecticut Business Registry System.  

2. Agent Details Object

This is the agent details object related to the statutory agents appointed by the businesses reflected on the business master object.  

3. Business Principal Details Object

This is the principal details object related to the principals (officers/director/members/partners) reported by the businesses reflected on the business master object. 

4. Business Filing Details Object

This is the business filing detail object reflecting each filing on record for the businesses reflected on the business master object.  

UCC Data - Free

UCC Active Lien Data
  • Our UCC data set has been updated for liens processed through business.ct.gov and will be updated nightly.  This data set provides all active UCC liens and other liens filed with our office.  "Active" liens are liens that have not lapsed (expired).

UCC Images - $1,000/year

We are continuing to work on a method to extract the UCC individual files into Sharepoint.  We apologize for the delay in making these available.  All current customers will receive access to all files that have been submitted since we moved to our new system on June 19, 2021.  We appreciate your patience.  

New Notary Data - Free

Using the eLicense System, users may search for individual notary records or download a roster of all active notaries or all inactive notaries.