Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Requirements
Section 313

Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires the EPA and the states to annually collect data on releases and transfers of certain toxic chemicals from industrial facilities, and make the data available to the public.  Section 22a-611 of the Connecticut General Statutes authorizes the State Emergency Response Commission to collect such information on behalf of the state.  The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 mandates collection of data on toxic chemicals treated on-site, recycled and combusted for energy recovery.  Together, these laws require facilities in certain industries that manufacture, process, or use toxic chemicals above specified amounts to report annually on disposal, releases, and other waste management activities related to these chemicals.

The TRI reports must be submitted by July 1st of each year through EPA's online reporting portal.

Please visit the U.S. EPA Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program Reporting Forms and Instructions:  

Any questions for Connecticut DEEP may be submitted electronically to

There are no fees associated with the CT program.  



Content Last Updated on May 24, 2021