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Clinical Procedure Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses

Clinical Procedure Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses


Numerous professionals contributed to the review and development of these guidelines.

A special thank-you to Michael Corjulo APRN, CPNP, AE-C, health services coordinator, ACES, and Patricia Krin, MSN, FNP-BC, NCSN, senior nurse administrator, Newington Public Schools , for the initial development of these guidelines.

Appreciation is extended to the following individuals:

  • Stephanie Knutson, MSN, RN, project manager
  • Deidre Anspach, RN, school nurse, Stamford Health Department
  • Janene Batten, MLS, AHIP, reference librarian, Yale School of Nursing
  • Verna Bernard-Jones, MSN, RN, president, Association of School Nurse of Connecticut
  • Eileen Boulay, BSN, RN, nurse consultant, DPH
  • Olga Brown, school nurse supervisor, Stamford Public Schools
  • Valerie Bryan, nurse consultant, DPH
  • Moira Bryson RN, special education nurse, Stamford Public Schools
  • Marie Burlette, RN, BSN, school nurse supervisor, Connecticut Technical High School System
  • Joan Cagginello, MS, BSN, RN, school nurse supervisor, Milford Health Department and Association of School Nurses of Connecticut
  • Cindy Colston, BSN, RN, Connecticut Children's Medical Center (CCMC)
  • Michael Corjulo APRN, CPNP, AE-C, health services coordinator, ACES
  • Andrea Dillon RN, BC, MEd, assistant director of health services, Capitol Region Education Council
  • Bonnie Edmondson, EdD, health education & coordinated school health consultant, CSDE
  • Edward Gleich, MD, medical adviser, Madison Public Schools
  • Donna Heins, MPH, RN, coordinated school health consultant, CSDE
  • Mary Joyce, school nurse supervisor, Clinton Public Schools
  • Raeanne Kelly, BSN, RN, pediatric otolaryngology nurse, Connecticut Children's Medical Center
  • Ann Kiwanuka, APRN, MSN, Department of Children and Families
  • Donna Kosiorowski, MSN, RN, school nurse supervisor, West Haven Public Schools
  • Cindy Kozak, RD, MPH, CDE, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program AIDS and Chronic Diseases Section, Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH)
  • Patricia Krin, MSN, FNP-BC, NCSN, senior nurse administrator, Newington Public Schools
  • Suzanne Levasseur, MSN, APRN, supervisor of school health services, Westport Public Schools
  • Vincent A. Mustaro, senior staff associate for policy services, Connecticut Association of Boards of Education
  • Kathy Neelon, MS, BSB, RN, nurse coordinator, Wallingford Public Schools
  • Karen Owen, MSN, RN, school nurse, Madison Public Schools
  • Carole Passarelli, PNP, MS, RN, nurse consultant, Middletown Public Schools
  • Elizabeth Petrocelli, RN, nursing supervisor, Bridgeport Public Schools
  • Cheryl Resha, EdD, MSN, RN
  • Ellen Ryan, MPH, BSN, director of school health services, Darien Public Schools
  • Joanne Ryan, BSN, RN, nursing supervisor, Fairfield Public Schools
  • Kimberly Sandor, FNP, MSN, RN, nurse consultant, Connecticut Nurses Association
  • Terry Schramm, RNC-OB, AD,CCM, CICP, MSCC, Center School, East Hampton Public Schools
  • Nadine C. Schwab, BSN, MPH, NCSN, FASN, independent school heath consultant
  • Miriam Selig, MD, school medical consultant, Stamford Health District
  • Martin Sklaire, MD, Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Michael Smith, education consultant, CSDE
  • Lynn Sosa, MD, deputy state epidemiologist, DPH
  • Kari Sullivan, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco coordinator, Coordinated School Health, CSDE
  • Kimberly Traverso, education consultant, CSDE
  • Nancy Turner RNC, MSN, school nurse, Canterbury Public Schools
  • Steve Updegrove, MD, Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and medical adviser - New Haven Public Schools
  • Trisha Vayda RN, BSN, NCSN, nursing supervisor, Enfield Public Schools
  • Grace Vetter, RN, MA, NCSN, coordinator of school health services, Norwalk Public Schools

Recognition is also extended to the contributors of the CSDE's Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual for School Nurses (1997) and Serving Students with Special Health Care Needs (1992). These two documents have been merged and updated in developing the 2012 Clinical Procedures Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses.

For more information on the CSDE's Clinical Procedure Guidelines for Connecticut School Nurses, please contact:

Stephanie G. Knutson, MSN, RN
School Health Consultant
Connecticut State Department of Education
Bureau of Health/Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education
450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 504
Hartford, CT 06103