Reading Leadership Implementation Council


Every Connecticut student has the right to read at or above grade level by the end of third grade

Pursuant to Public Act No. 21-2 sec. 402 (8c), the Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success shall be under the direction of a director who shall, in consultation with the Reading Leadership Implementation Council described in subsection (c) of this section, be responsible for (1) overseeing all activities of the center, (2) facilitating communication between the center, local and regional boards of education and other affiliates of the center, and (3) coordinating the dissemination of information, tools and services made available by the center. (c) The activities of the center shall be informed by the Reading Leadership Implementation Council. 

Additionally, the Reading Leadership Implementation Council shall develop and publish annual goals for the center and meet at least once every two months and may consult with representatives from public, private, and philanthropic organizations.

2022-23 Reading Leadership Implementation Council Goals

  • Review research and analyze successful birth through grade 12 evidence-based literacy strategies addressing all tiers of instruction and prevention of learning loss.
  • Consult with the director of the Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success on the reading curricula and/or programs to be approved for implementation by local and regional boards of education.
  • Develop a birth through grade 12 literacy success strategy to be included in the alignment of literacy instruction with the multi-generational success initiative.