Student Centered Learning Hub

Student Learning HubWelcome to the Student Centered Learning Hub! A place where all learners, anytime and anywhere can access resources to support personal needs, strengths, passions and curiosities. 

WHY:  We believe all learners should be provided the opportunity to own their learning. Students will develop the necessary skills to be college, career and life ready when given a voice and choice in how and when they learn.   

WHO: All K-12 CT Learners  

WHEN: Everyday, Anytime, Anywhere  

HOW: The CT Learning Hub is a place where  

OUTCOME:  Learners will demonstrate the characteristics of the Connecticut Learner Framework of Learner-Connected, Learner-Focused, Learner-Led and Learner-Demonstrated.  

L e a r n e r D e m o n s t r a t e d Learner Demonstrated L e a r n e r F o c u s e d Learner Focused L e a r n e r L e d Learner Led L e a r n e r C o n n e c t e d Learner Connected A d v ancing E qui t y

*Adapted from the LEAP Learning Framework

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)


    You can create your own future in manufacturing


    All students in grades 6-12

    WHEN and HOW?

    Anytime, anywhere, 24/7

    Select Connecticut Center for Advanced Technologies and engage in interactive activities and learn more about manufacturing pathways  

  • Common Sense Education

    Digital Passport - For students in grades 3–5. The award-winning suite of six interactive games addresses key issues kids face in today's digital world - also available in Spanish. Games focus on cyberbullying, privacy, research/search, and multitasking.

    Digital Compass -grades 6–8. The award-winning game is an innovative way to give students the freedom to explore how decisions made in their digital lives can affect their relationships and futures. Through the suite of popular choose-your-own-path games, students play through the perspective of one of eight main characters, each of whom is facing a different digital citizenship dilemma. The varied story paths and multiple decision points encourage students to play repeatedly in order to explore alternative courses of action. Games are also available in Spanish.

    Social Media Test Drive - Cornell Social Media Lab and Common Sense Education collaborated to create this simulated social media environment where young people can practice and prepare for real-life experiences in the digital world. Through modules that focus on realistic dilemmas and scenarios, students practice how to respond to situations they will encounter when they become social media users. Each module has a guided activity, a free play section, and reflection questions that help solidify digital citizenship skills and habits. Social Media TestDrive aligns with middle school lessons in the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Also available in Spanish.

  • CT Public Television


    CT Public’s Learn-at-Home website pulls together timely, high-quality content from trusted shows from PBS KIDS, World at Home, PBS LearningMedia, and more.  

    These resources are:  

    • Trusted 
    • Safe for all ages 
    • High-quality 
    • Multimedia – videos, learning games, and more! 
    • Free 

    Public media is a treasure trove of informative journalism, cultural masterpieces, and learning moments. CT Public can introduce you to the most relevant public media content right now, so you can learn at home! 


    Learners from toddler through adult, grades Pre-K-12 inclusive, and educators from anywhere people learn including libraries, after school programs, summer camps, schools, and day cares 

    WHEN and HOW?  

    Public media content – like videos or podcasts - can be incorporated into existing lessons, shared live with a class, incorporated through scheduled broadcast channels, and be included in distance or blended learning assignments. 

    These resources cover a range of subject matter including all core subjects, social emotional learning, cultural celebrations, and own voices work. 

    Resources include full lesson plans, complete with hand-outs, teacher guides, and aligned to state standards. 


    Learners will have access to high-quality content from a trusted non-commercial media source, educators and caregivers will have access to timely turnkey lessons and supplemental multimedia content. 

  • Student Learning Playlists

    Return to Learning Playlist to support students and families as they prepare to return to learning in school and from home.

    Return to Learning Playlist