Social Emotional Learning Hub

Social Emotional Learning HubWHY: Improving student academic and behavior outcomes requires ensuring all students have access to the most effective instructional, behavioral practices and interventions. 

All districts, schools, classrooms and the educators serving all CT Learners will need to consider how to embed social, emotional, well-being practices into each aspect of teaching and learning in order to create compassionate learning environments.  

WHO: All Educators and Families  

WHEN: Everyday, Anytime, Anywhere  

HOW: On demand resources are made available to inform, educate and highlight the right resources to develop compassionate learning spaces anytime, anywhere that provide for social and emotional well-being.  

OUTCOME: All CT Learners will have achieve academic and social success.  

Students, families, staff, and the community-at-large will collectively engage to improve the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of every child in Connecticut. 

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