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Surety Bonds for Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLEC)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the PURA require a specific form for the bond?
No.  The form used by the company providing the bond is acceptable.
Can I see bonds posted by other CLECs?
Yes.  Many of them are posted on our website under Docket 01-12-10RE01 as compliance filings.  Note that some of them are riders reducing the amount of the bond filed previously in Docket 01-12-10RE01, but others are new filings. 
More recently, bonds have been posted in our Undocketed Database.
Does the PURA accept any other form of security, such as a letter of credit?
No.  Only a bond is acceptable.
I’m having trouble finding a bond.  What can I do?
We suggest checking with the companies that have issued bonds for other telcom providers, as posted in Docket 01-12-10RE01.  Based on its experience with requiring payphone companies to submit bonds, the PURA believes that even small CLECs will be able to comply with this requirement.  In 2004, PURA reduced the amount of the bond from $50,000 to $25,000.  If all else fails, however, write a letter to the PURA explaining the situation.
How can I get more time to submit the bond?
Simply write a letter to the PURA, citing the docket number of the case in which the order was given, and request an extension of time to comply with the requirement.   Explain why you need more time and specify the date by which you expect you will be able to comply.  If you web file the letter, submit it as a motion.  For more information on filing procedures, contact the Executive Secretary’s Office at 860-827-1553 or
Where can I find more information about the bond requirement?
See the PURA’s Decision dated May 5, 2004, in Docket 01-12-10RE01 and the Decision dated April 2, 2003, in Docket 01-12-10.
Content last updated April 2016