Gas Pipes for Which I Am Responsible

State and Federal regulations mandate that gas companies maintain gas lines up to and including the gas meter. Maintenance BEYOND the gas meter, that is, the gas line that extends from the meter into your home is normally the responsibility of the gas user or property owner.  If you have installed a gas line on your (the customer) side of the meter, you are responsible to know where the gas line is located.  Paint and check all outside above ground lines on a regular basis.  Proper maintenance is important to your safety and to the safety of others in your area.  Buried gas lines that are not maintained are subject to the potential hazards of corrosion and leakage.  If your gas lines are metallic, periodically inspect for corrosion; and always check for leaks regardless of the material. Unsafe conditions should be corrected immediately.


Gas Pipeline Safety

Content last updated March 2022