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Connecticut Electric Efficiency Partners (EEP) Program

By way of a Notice dated October 18, 2019 issued in Docket No. 07-06-59, PURA Review of the Connecticut Electric Efficiency Partners Program – Extension of Grant Program, PURA has suspended the EEP Program while PURA is considering programmatic design changes in Docket No. 17-12-03RE05, PURA Investigation into Distribution System Planning of the Electric Distribution Companies – Innovative Technology Applications and Programs (Innovation Pilots). PURA invites interested stakeholders to participate in the Innovation Pilots discussions.

Background and History of the EEP Program
The Connecticut EEP Program was established by Section 94 of Public Act 07-242 (the Act). The primary intention of the Act is to reduce demand for electricity, particularly peak demand, based on the use of demand-side technology. Under the Act, entities may apply to PURA for participation in certain aspects of the EEP Program.

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