Electric Efficiency Partners (EEP) Program
The Connecticut Electric Efficiency Partners Program was established by Section 94 of Public Act 07-242 (the Act). The primary intention of the Act is to reduce demand for electricity, particularly peak demand, based on the use of demand-side technology. Under the Act, entities may apply to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority) for participation in certain aspects of the EEP Program.
The Authority has developed three application forms for the EEP Program:
  • EEP Partner Application
  • EEP Technology Eligibility Application
  • EEP Customer Grant Application
Who should use which form?
  • Parties interested in becoming “Partners” under the EEP Program should use the “EEP Partner Application”.  A “Partner” in the EEP Program can be an entity involved in one of two general areas of activity.
    • A Partner that is a facilitator, providing consultation or design services, will be known in the EEP Program as a “General Partner” once their application is approved by the Authority.
    • Applicants, such as a retailer, dealer, or manufacturer who intend to furnish or sell an actual technology to a customer will be known as “Vendor Partners” once their application is approved by the Authority.
  • Parties who would like to have a technology subsidized by financial grants under the EEP Program will use the "EEP Technology Eligibility Application".  Presently, two technologies have been approved under the program: gas chillers and ice based thermal storage.
  • Customers who wish to apply for a financial grant for approved technologies under the EEP Program will use the "EEP Customer Grant Application".
There are eligibility requirements and other application requirements, which are detailed on each of the application forms. In general, participants in the EEP Program must either be a customer of an electric distribution company, or be providing technology or technology consultancy to a customer of Eversource Energy d/b/a The Connecticut Light and Power Company or The United Illuminating Company. Customers of municipal electric companies are not eligible for grants.
Electric Efficiency Partner Program Application Forms