Approved Electric Efficiency Partner Technologies
No. Applicant Name Docket No. Decision Date Approved Technology Incentive Level
 1 DPUC Review of Connecticut Electric Efficiency Partners 07-06-59 06/04/2008 Gas chiller $300 / ton
 2 Ice based thermal storage (direct expansion) $950 / ton1
 3 Mazur Mechanical 08-10-06 07/29/2009 Solar assisted air conditioning $318 / ton,
$731 / kW 
 4 DBS Energy, Inc. 08-10-06 07/29/2009 Direct digital control for HVAC systems $165 / kW
 5 New England Energy Management 08-12-08 08/12/2009 Duty cycle optimization controllers for HVACR systems $46 /ton2
 6 Becker Development Associates, Inc. / 360 State Street Inc. 09-09-11 04/28/2010 Real-time energy feedback N/A3
 7 Energy saving algorithms
 8 Water use occupancy sensed thermostat setback / Away mode setback
 9 Real-time water use feedback
 10 Wattifi Inc. (formerly Optik Energy LLC) 17-11-27 10/24/2018 Real-Time Electric Meter Data Acquisition System (Wattifi Connect) $729 per customer
1 Systems smaller than 5 tons and larger than 10 tons must meet additional requirements to be eligible for the incentive.
2  Maximum incentive of $625 per unit.
3  The Authority did not establish an individual incentive level for the real-time water use feedback, energy saving algorithms, water use occupancy sensed thermostat setback and real-time water use feedback technologies.  Instead, the Authority approved an incentive level that took into account the system benefits when these technologies were installed together and then calculated an incentive level for each technology accordingly.
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