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About the STIF

The Treasurer's Short-Term Investment Fund (STIF) is a Standard & Poor's AAAm rated investment pool of high-quality, short term money market instruments managed by the Cash Management Division of the Office of the State Treasurer.

Created in 1972, STIF serves as an investment vehicle for the operating cash of the State Treasury, state agencies and authorities, municipalities, and other political subdivisions of the State.

The STIF rating, AAAm, is Standard & Poor's highest principal stability fund rating and "demonstrates extremely strong capacity to maintain principal stability and to limit exposure to principal losses due to a credit risk."

The investment objective of the Short-Term Investment Fund is to provide the greatest income while, first, ensuring the preservation and safety of principal, and, second, providing immediate liquidity to meet participants' daily cash flow requirements.

STIF lowers risk by investing in high quality, well-diversified securities with relatively short average maturities. In addition, STIF maintains a reserve of approximately one percent of fund assets to protect against losses.

As of June 30, 2019, the STIF unit administered 953 active STIF accounts for 416 state agencies and authorities and 537 municipalities and local entities.


  • 100 percent daily liquidity of investor deposits
  • Online access to make deposits and withdrawals and view daily and historical performance
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Annual investor meetings

STIF Investor Programs

  • Grant Express - allows municipalities to have certain grant payments from the State of Connecticut deposited directly into their STIF accounts (Program Application)
  • Clean Water Fund (CWF) Express - allows municipalities to have CWF payments automatically transferred from their STIF accounts to the CWF trustee, U.S. Bank N.A. (Authorization Form)
  • Debt Service Express - allows municipalities to have debt service payments automatically transferred from their STIF accounts to their paying agent, U.S. Bank N.A. (Authorization Form)