Long Term Care Planning Committee Members (January 2022)


Senator Patricia Billie Miller, Co-Chair, Aging Committee

Representative Jane M. Garibay, Co-Chair, Aging Committee

Senator Ryan Fazio, Ranking Member, Aging Committee

Representative David T. Wilson, Ranking Member, Aging Committee

Senator Mary Daugherty Abrams, Co-Chair, Public Health Committee

Representative Jonathan Steinberg, Co-Chair, Public Health Committee

Senator Tony Hwang, Ranking Member, Public Health Committee

Senator Heather S. Somers, Ranking Member, Public Health Committee

Representative William A. Petit, Ranking Member, Public Health Committee

Senator Marilyn Moore, Co-Chair, Human Services Committee

Representative Catherine F. Abercrombie, Co-Chair, Human Services Committee

Senator Eric C. Berthel, Ranking Member, Human Services Committee

Representative Jay M. Case, Ranking Member, Human Services Committee

State Agencies Representatives

Melissa Morton, Office of Policy and Management (Chair of Planning Committee)

Jennifer Cavallaro, Department of Social Services

Dr. Stephanie Bozak, Department of Children and Families

Margy Gerundo-Murkette, Department of Aging and Disability Services

Kelley Kendall, Department of Developmental Services

Erin Leavitt-Smith, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Kim Hriceniak, Department of Public Health

Amy Porter, Department of Aging and Disability Services

Jessica Rival, Office of Health Strategy

Lisa Rivers, Department of Transportation

Michael Santoro, Department of Housing

Laura Watson, Department of Housing