Environmental Classification Document

Environmental Classification Documents (ECDs)

Agencies proposing projects covered by the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) must adopt an "Environmental Classification Document" (ECD) which categorizes the type of actions they normally undertake. The ECD is used to help determine whether an environmental study is needed and, if so, the type of study needed for a particular proposed project.

An environmental classification document must be approved by OPM and includes the following:

  1. List of typical agency actions that may have significant impacts and will thus require Environmental Impact Evaluations (EIEs).
  2. List of typical agency actions whose degree of impact is indeterminate, which may require EIEs but will at least require a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).
  3. List of joint federal/state actions for which environmental impact statements are prepared pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act.
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         Generic ECD_approved 03/02/2021 (which applies to all other state agencies)